I had been racing for a couple of seasons with a RTR radio and wanted badly to see what I was missing compared to the radios my competitors were running.

I was given the new Spektrum DX3C radio and I was blown away. First the details. The DX3C is a 3 channel, 2.4 GHz radio that comes with an SR3000 receiver and sports a 20 model memory, programmable mixing, four-way steering and exponential, and will work with any DSM, DSM2 & Marine receiver. The hand grip has attachments to better suit your palm and it also has a SD card slot under the grip for fast software updates.

I took the radio and following the included instructions, I set my models up in the memory, set endpoints, expo, and bound the radio to each of my trucks. I was happy to see how easy it is to operate the radio once you get familiar with it and now I can’t believe I raced without a good sport radio. The ease with which I can change from model to model and have all the appropriate settings for each truck is amazing.

The cost is manageable  at $130 and it’s packed with features. Driving with it has allowed me to be a more consistent driver as I feel I have better control over throttle application and braking. It fits comfortably in my hand with the large grip attachment and I have customized the buttons to suit my tastes.

If you are using a RTR radio you must go and see about picking up one of these radios to get you started. It may be a sport radio but it is an excellent product and I would not easily replace it with another brand radio.



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