Helion is a fairly new name in the RC business but the initial products they have released are good performers, and they are a great value.


The Animus 18 TR is a 1/18 scale electric truggy. It features 4-wheel drive, 2.4GHz radio, adjustable oil filled shocks and a dual bell crank steering system with servo saver. It has an integrated ESC, servo, and receiver plus four-wheel independent suspension.











LENGTH – 235mm                                                                

WIDTH – 172mm

HEIGHT – 81mm


WEIGHT – 1.2lb

RADIO – 2.4GHz

CHARGER – Included

BATTERY – 1100mAh NiMH 7.2v

PRICE – $99                                                                          


Driving the Animus it was clear the 370 size brushed motor is plenty fast as it would cover ground on our 1/18 – 1/10 scale track quite nicely. The steering is a bit twitchy and due to its light weight, surface irregularities would kick the chassis sideways unexpectedly  The remedy for this was a slower overall pace until you found the sweet spot and then pull the throttle on the approach to jumps and smooth sections of the track for the most fun. Through the air it traveled level and predictable and it had plenty of power for even our biggest jumps. Steering was good once you had the feel for the twitchy nature of it, there was no understeer, and the 4-wheel drive system worked flawlessly. Charging the battery took 5 hours as stated in the instructions with the included wall charger. The radio was effective and comfortable to use, and we experienced no glitching while operating the machine. My one complaint though is the integrated ESC, steering servo and receiver. I would have liked to see separate electronics for ease of replacement or modification in the future.


PROS – 4-wheel drive

2.4GHz radio

Value Price


CONS – Twitchy Steering

Integrated ESC, Servo,Rx




The package as a whole is impressive. For under $100 dollars, you get a 4-wheel drive, 2.4GHz radio and acceptable performance in this scale. I would buy one of these though I would probably enjoy it better on a groomed clay track or at the skate park. These are minor niggles though as it was fun to drive, looks good and is packed with features for a bargain basement price. Helion products are available exclusively through HobbyTown USA stores in the United States.

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