Earlier this week, Toyota and Toyota Racing Development unveiled the new 2013 Nascar Camry stock car that will compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) beginning next season. Of the four manufacturers that compete in the Sprint Cup Series, Toyota was the last to bring their 2013 racer to the fans. That said, it certainly looks the business and the retro TRD paint scheme was great to see.

TRD worked together with Calty Design, part of Toyota’s global network design team, to create an on-track Camry that incorporates design elements from the newly re-designed road car. In an effort to create more brand identity so fans can better relate to the cars on track, NASCAR has worked together with the four series manufacturers to determine new design rules that would make the race cars more unique for each brand. This includes changes to rules where certain areas of body design are either ‘locked in’ or ‘open’ for modification. NASCAR also allowed for the exchange of glass for solid body pieces.
“We’re thrilled to finally unveil our new 2013 Camry and we think NASCAR fans will really appreciate that our new on-track Camry looks like the one in their driveways,” said Ed Laukes, TMS vice president of marketing communications and motorsports. “Our 2013 Camry looks more like the production vehicle than ever before, and we hope this helps revitalize the long-standing relationship between fans and manufacturers in NASCAR. Never before have we had a Camry competing in NASCAR that looked so similar to its production counterpart.”

A new front grill-area that matches the production model, distinct character lines down the side of the vehicle and an updated rear bumper make the redesigned 2013 Camry stock car more relevant to the road car.
“We’re extremely proud of the new Camry and the development of the car was truly a unique process,” said Lee White, president and general manager of TRD. “NASCAR and all four manufacturers were brought together to guide the direction of the new cars. We all worked together to put the ‘S’ back in NASCAR — we all wanted race cars that look more like our stock, production models — and together we accomplished that. Our new Camry for 2013 is a great looking race car. Everyone at Toyota is eager to have our drivers in a race car that more resembles the street Camry.”

“When everyone at Toyota first saw the design of the 2013 Camry, the first reaction was, ‘They’re actually going to let you race a car that looks like that?’,” said Andy Graves, TRD’s vice president of chassis engineering. “That just demonstrates how excited everyone was about the new design of the Camry stock car.”

The new 2013 Toyota Camry will make its NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut at Daytona International Speedway’s ‘Speedweeks’ in February.

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