Duratrax is a company that for many years, have been known for producing good R/C products at competitive prices. The Evader model stadium truck has been a pillar of this companies’ RC truck line and the new Evader Brushless is an evolution of the breed. It is a 2wd stadium truck with oil filled shocks, waterproof electronics, metal gear transmission, and the drivetrain is equipped with ball bearings instead of bushings. This new model is equipped with a superb brushless system. The 3930kV motor is a powerhouse and the race quality ESC made by Castle, is highly adjustable with features like drag brake, punch control, and motor timing. The technology behind the 2.4 GHz radio is from Futaba, also a name synonymous with racing. They radio is made by Futaba and the receiver is compatible with Futaba FHSS surface systems. Finally, the chassis has an extreme amount of built-in adjustability just like you find on other race-ready stadium trucks. There are provisions for adjusting shock location, camber, toe, and wheelbase. The differential can be tuned by using different viscosity diff oils and the camber links can be adjusted for increased traction and steering. The Evader Brushless also is covered by the Duratrax Stress-Tech Guarantee. If any Stress-Tech part breaks, Duratrax will warranty the parts for one year and send you a free replacement part.




LENGTH – 470mm (18.5 in)

WIDTH – 325mm (12.8 in)

HEIGHT – 155mm (6.1 in)

WHEELBASE – Adjustable

WEIGHT – 1633g (3.6 lb)

RADIO – 2.4GHz

CHARGER – Required

BATTERY – Required

PRICE – $250







When we pulled the Evader out of the box we did what racers do, we went over the truck meticulously ensuring all fasteners were tight and all suspension components were functioning without binding or resistance. We checked the pinion and spur gear and found the pinion loose and the gear mesh not to our liking. I tightened the loose pinion and set the proper gear mesh. I used for this review an Onyx Lipo battery provided by Hobbico. It fit well and was equipped with Deans connectors as was the ESC connectors.


Driving the Evader it was clear the 3939kV motor is a ripper. I removed the include wheelie bar and I understand why one is included with this truck. The acceleration is very impressive as is the traction provided by the stock tires. On pavement the truck will do back flips all day long. On our 1/8 scale track at Kamikaze Raceway in Coquitlam, B.C. I was able to stretch the legs of this truck and found it handled very well. Off throttle turn-in was good and the truck would lift the front tires on the hard-pack sections of the track. In the corners the truck would understeer on-throttle due to the power and grip from the tires but that can be tuned out with shock adjustments and some weight in the nose.




The shocks on this truck are plastic bodied with aluminum caps. At this price point and with the performance level of this truck, aluminum shock bodies should be included. That said, the competitors’ stadium trucks in this price range do not include as high a quality electronics as the Evader so it is probably a reasonable trade-off. The shocks are adjustable with spacers and you can tune them with different viscosity shock oils and available option shock springs. The shocks on our supplied truck were a little on the soft side for my liking but they handled the jump landings very well and handled the bumps on the track equally well. Jumping the truck you must use caution approaching the jump face. Too much throttle and the truck would end up backflipping mid air. It was best to approach jumps with momentum and then cut throttle on the jump face using the brake or throttle to balance it in the air. It jumps nicely when done in this manner, and landings are smooth and predictable.






Powerful brushless system

Race-quality ESC

Highly adjustable



Plastic body shocks

Loose pinion and tight gear mesh












I am impressed with this truck. It is almost race-ready and I think that is exactly what we will do with this machine. We are looking to do a comparison story with other stadium trucks as a segment introduction for people new to the hobby. Once that is done, I will utilize the Duratrax option parts and dress the Evader Brushless up with aluminum hubs, shocks and graphite parts.With these additions and some tuning I am sure this truck can hang with the other trucks in its class at the track.


If I am purchasing this truck as a novice to the hobby, the quality control issues I found may be a bit frustrating. That said, if you check the truck over as we do and make that a good habit, then they are minor quibbles. Overall, this truck is a great addition to our fleet of trucks and I would purchase one of these in a heartbeat. I am looking forward to upgrading the truck to see how it performs in competition. I would like to thank the people at Duratrax for the review sample.

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